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2+2 Seats Electric Golf Cart

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Shandong Yuanhai international Trading Co., Ltd. Has been committedio providing high-quality, environmentally friendly, and innovative electricgolf carts to customers wordwide since its inception, and has receivedhigh praise from domestic and international clients. With excellent productquality and a comprehensive service system, we have established a goodreputation in the industry and actively developed international markets.

As a company with extensive export experience, Yuanhai has establishedextensive partnerships around the world. We have a professional R&Dteam, rigorous production processes, and efficient logistics systemproviding customized electric golf cart solutions for international customersIn 2022, we provided venue vehicles for the Qatar World Cup.


Based on more than ten years of industry experience of the Hiseass team, and in the spirit of cooperation that prioritizes the interests of customers, we can provide our partners with the most competitive products and services.

Different from others, Kinghike has its own production facilities, covering an area of 45,000 square meters, with four complete processes of body manufacturing, painting, welding and assembly. We can greatly shorten the delivery time to 20~30 days.

Hiseas has the most advanced high-torque electric drive technology in the industry, the maximum gradient can reach 50%, which can completely replace the traditional fuel drive system. In terms of product quality control, we use the core components of automotive-grade part suppliers, and the product life cycle quality management system is adopted to ensure that Kinghike's products have excellent performance and durability.

Using our unique 3D printing and polymer composite material technology, we have successfully shortened the development cycle of new products to the shortest 1 month.

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We Are Trusted Over 16+ Countries Worldwide

Here are a few customer reviews translated into English to showcase the advantages of HISEAS electric golf carts and customer satisfaction

I recently purchased a HISEAS electric golf cart, and I am extremely satisfied with its performance and quality. Its battery life is long, acceleration is quick, and it operates very quietly. My experience on the golf course has been greatly enhanced, and I'm impressed by the reliability and excellent craftsmanship of the HISEAS brand. Highly recommended!" -

George George

As a golf enthusiast, I have been searching for a reliable electric golf cart, and luckily, I came across the HISEAS brand. Their electric golf carts not only have a stylish design but also offer outstanding performance. I particularly love their intelligent control system, which allows for personalized adjustments based on my preferences. At the same time, its silent operation and energy efficiency make me extremely satisfied with my choice of HISEAS

Lillian Designation

As a golf course operator, choosing HISEAS as our supplier for electric golf carts has been a wise decision. Their product quality is excellent, and their performance is stable and reliable. Our customers have spoken highly of the comfort and environmental features of HISEAS electric golf carts. Additionally, HISEAS' customer service team is professional and responsive. We are very satisfied with choosing HISEAS as they are an ideal long-term partner for us

Jackson Golf Course Designation

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